ReiOps - Real Estate and Notes Operations

All you need to run your Real Estate and Notes Investments Business

Buyers, Sellers, Private Lenders, Investors

Manage your Buyers and Sellers Lists

Keep track of everyone you do business with

Fair Market Value Evaluation

Run your own comparables - Get easy access to public data

All in a question of minutes

Deal Structuring Analysis

Simulate different Deal Structures and compare them side by side

Calculate cash flows, return on investments and much more

Commercial and Multi-Family

Calculate Operations Cash Flow

Evaluate CAP rates, Return on Investment, Resale Values

Note Buying Analysis

Evaluate Purchase Price - Analyze Exit Options

Performing and Non-Performing Notes, Junior and Senior Notes, Partials


Simulate multiple partnership compositions

Calculate cash flows and returns for the partnership and each partner

Automate your Seller Screening Scripts

ReiOps will drive you and your assistants through the phone interview process

It will tell you what to ask, how to deal with objections, etc.

Task Management

Streamline and Automate your Business

Keep control over your assistants - Discipline yourself

Access Everywhere

Run your business from any place in the planet

Your assistants can be in any place

ReiOps - Real Estate and Notes Operations

Automation + Efficiency + Accuracy = Higher Returns

ReiOps - Having Real Estate and Note Investors in Mind

A comprehensive software system integrating key analytical features with business management

Easily simulate any note or real estate purchase through ReiOps' in depth note and property analysis. Calculate cash flows, return on investments and much more.

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What do all gurus have in common?

"Automate or Die"
Ron LeGrand

"Time is your most valuable asset..."
Dave Lindahl

"Time - the most important thing on earth..."
Dan Kennedy

"The more systematic you are, the more successful you will be"
Andy Heller

So what are they telling us? Here is what they all agree on:

"To be a successful investor you need to adopt a system, automate your business as much as you can and manage your time effectively."

And this is the vision of ReiOps.

Analytical Features - helping you make the right decisions

Analytical features are the ones that will help you analyze your deals, make better informed decisions, reduce your risks and increase your returns.

ReiOps can be used to analyze single residences, multi-family properties or notes.

If you are a real estate investor, ReiOps will help you through all steps of your deal analysis. It will help you to evaluate the fair market value of the property using comparables, allow you to calculate your cash flows and return on investments for a variety of deal structures like flips, buy and hold, lease options and much more. It will even drive you through the initial seller screening procedures.

If you invest in commercial and multi-family properties, ReiOps provides you with the ability to perform a multi-year operations analysis, allowing you to evaluate the value of the property based on the resulting NOI (Net Operating Income). It will calculate for you several financial indicators like CAP rates, IRR, MIRR and several more. You will also be able to perform a multi-year resale analysis to define when the best time to sell the property is.

Finally, if you invest in notes, ReiOps has some very powerful features that will help you with buying and selling notes.

Our note purchase analysis module helps you calculate the right purchase value of a note based on your desired yield, the value of the property backing the note, plus several additional factors that can affect the right purchase value, like a potential foreclosure. It will also allow you to simulate a loan modification if this is what you need.

ReiOps allows you to analyze a full purchase as well as partials and is capable of analyzing performing and non-performing notes, first and second position notes, notes with balloons and much more.

Note investors can also benefit from several of the real estate investor features, which will be very useful when it comes to evaluating the fair market value of the property backing the note.

Make decisions with confidence reducing your risks

Regardless of whether you invest in real estate or in notes, ReiOps will allow you to perform the right type of analysis with precision and in a fraction of the usual time. It will increase your agility, allowing you to make decisions with confidence, reduce your risk and increase your returns.

Business management will increase your rate of success

Our analytical features described earlier will save you a lot of time and allow you to make decisions with confidence. But without discipline and a system in place that allows you to automate your business, you are still one step away from those professional investors that have reached a high level of success. ReiOps will help you in reaching the next step.

ReiOps' business management features address the following aspects:

Scripting helps you with consistency

For example, ReiOps comes with a seller screening script out of the box. It will tell you what to ask, how to deal with objections, and will help you decide if it is best to keep working with a seller or simply to discard them. And regardless of who does the interview, which could be you or your assistants, the standard will always be the same.

Scripts can be used for almost everything, like seller screening scripts, buyer scripts, due diligence scripts, and more.

Task management keeps your business moving

Task management allows you to stay in control of your business, ensure that things are being done in a timely manner, and avoid costly mistakes, like forgetting to follow up with a seller, not having the required data for the due diligence, and much more.

ReiOps will provide you with a daily "State of the Business" report showing what was accomplished, what needs to be done, and where you are behind.

Labor Logging helps you track your assistants

Use the labor logging capabilities in ReiOps to measure your assistants' productivity, track unpaid hours, calculate payment values, etc.

Don't Underestimate the Importance of Business Management!

Don't procrastinate when it comes to business management. An effective business management system can save you a fair amount of money and time. It can mean the difference between success and failure. ReiOps will help you manage your business and be a successful investor.

Don't wait any longer. Our pricing structure is very affordable; our monthly subscription won't cost you more than a decent dinner and your return on investment will be to the order of dozens or hundreds. We are so confident of the value we provide that we don't require any long-term commitment. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Scientific research has proven that lack of discipline and automation are the main causes of business failure.

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