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The comparables module allows you to determine the fair market value (or ARV) of a property based on a comparables analysis.

You will base your comparables analysis on similar properties recently sold and on properties currently listed in the same neighborhood as the candidate property (the property you intend to purchase).

ReiOps will help you to compare the properties and do the required adjustments to come up with the fair market value.

There are two ways to use the comparables module depending on the location of the property that you need to evaluate. If the property is located in an area where we have sale and listing information in our database, then finding comparables is straight forward. For other locations which are not yet included in the database, you will need to do some research by yourself and input the data into the system manually. In both cases you can still use all the other features of ReiOps.

To see a list of the areas we currently have data available please see the Data Sources module.