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Note Buying

If you invest in Notes, then you will highly benefit from the Note Buying module. This module will help you to analyze a Note, define the appropriate purchase value and allow you to simulate multiple exit strategies.

ReiOps will simulate potential purchase values based on different assumptions and based on the state of the Note, like if it's a performing or non-performing Note, or a senior or junior Note. It will take into consideration multiple exit strategies, like simulating a potential foreclosure or a potential loan modification.

ReiOps also includes a powerful Note Calculator that will enable you to simulate almost any possible scenario including the possibility to simulate partials, be it for buying or selling

One of the advantages of ReiOps for Note Investors is its integration. Part of the decision process in buying a Note is to evaluate the actual value of the property that guarantees the Note. To accomplish that, all the features for evaluating the fair market value of a property come in very handy, be it for single residences or for commercial and multi-family properties.

With all these features integrated, analyzing a Note, performing the due diligence and coming up with a purchase price is a question of minutes. ReiOps is definitively the tool that every serious Note Investor needs to have in its arsenal.