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Buyers, Sellers and Others

We call it the People's module as it allows you to keep track of your buyer's and seller's lists as well as everybody else you do business with like private lenders, investors, brokers, attorneys, etc.

Based on the information included for each of these entities you can easily search your databases by different criteria. For example, you just purchased a 3 bedroom property in Seattle. You can now search through your buyers database looking for buyers interested in purchasing a 3 bedroom property in Seattle. Or if you are wholesaling, you can easily find an investor who invests in Seattle. Does the property need some repairs? You can find which of your contractors services the Seattle area.

The People's module is totally integrated with the other modules. For example, if you just added a new Seller, you probably want to do an initial seller screen. ReiOps offers you the Script Automation module with built in standard screening scripts. Just ask your assistant to perform the initial screening; she will follow the scripts, record the answers in the system as she talks with the seller on the phone, and as soon as she finishes the call you can be on the other side of the planet and review the screening results.

The People's module is also integrated with the Task Management module. So you can assign tasks to your assistants, such as doing a follow up with a seller, or scheduling follow ups for some date in the future. You can easily monitor your assistant's performance by checking whether the assigned tasks were executed on time and how much time was spent on it.

And if you don't have an assistant and do all the work yourself, you can still use all these features. The task management module will help you to discipline your work and organize your schedule to avoid missing important deadlines.