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ReiOps - Real Estate and Note Investors Operations System

System Overview

ReiOps is a fully integrated system covering the main areas of a Real Estate and Notes Investments business. With ReiOps, you can easily keep track of your buyers and sellers' lists, simplify performing property evaluation tasks, automate seller screenings, smoothly conduct deal structure analysis, perform in depth note analysis and much more. It can be used by investors just beginning their careers or by skilled investors. It's appropriate for the different types of real estate investors, like investors dealing with single residences, investors dealing with commercial properties, investors buying notes, etc.

ReiOps also includes a comprehensive task management system that allows you to automate many of the tasks related to real estate investment. The Task Management system of ReiOps can be used by teams or individuals. For investors who have a team of assistants, the task management system will allow you to define the tasks to be performed by your assistants and control their execution. For investors who do the work by themselves, the task management system can help organize your work, remind you of tasks to be done, do follow ups, etc. The Task Management system will help establish discipline in your work. Automation and discipline are very important factors in the success of the real estate investments business.

In general ReiOps will help you streamline your business, reduce immensely the time spent in the different tasks, and give you full control over your assistants. It will make you more productive and will also make your assistants more productive. The system is divided in modules, each one specialized in a specific area of the Real Estate Investments business.

One of the most important aspects of ReiOps is its integration. Data flows from one module to another at a simple click of the mouse. For example, you or your assistants start prospecting a Seller. You enter the seller information in the Sellers database. Next you move to the Seller Screening module. Your assistant will perform the screening guided by ReiOps built in scripts. Once the script is completed, an evaluation should be done if it's worth to keep working with this seller or simply discard it. If the decision is to keep working with this seller, the property automatically moves to the next stage which is gathering data about the property, evaluating its fair market value, etc. Once you have all the information you need, you move to the Deal Structuring module where you will be analyzing the different types of deals you can offer to the seller. The Deal Structuring module can provide you with the best return while at the same time helping to solve the seller's problems.

The other important aspect of ReiOps is that it's a web based system. The data is stored in state of the art data centers and can be accessed from any place that has an internet connection. This means that you could be in Hawaii enjoying a nice day on the beach while your assistants may be working for you from any place in the planet, and you can still have full control of the business, making decisions, checking on progress of the tasks assigned to others, etc.

Below is a list of the different features included in ReiOps. For detailed information of each of these features simply click on the link.