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Script Automation

ReiOps includes a powerful script automation module that will guide you or your assistants in several tasks, like performing phone screenings.

Although the most common screenings that Real Estate Investors do are seller screenings, ReiOps script automation module is very generic. It can be used to screen sellers, buyers or anybody else you would like to get screened in your business. For example, you could include a screening script for potential tenants.

The screening module will guide you or whoever performs the phone interview. It will will provide you with the questions to ask, the answers you should give if the seller comes up with objections, and so on.

As the interview progresses, the answers to the questions are stored in the system for later review. Once the interview is finished, all responses can be reviewed. Most of the time the system itself can help make a decision if it's worth to continue with a seller or simply discard it based on the provided answers. But in the end, it is your decision that's final unless the seller was totally non cooperative and refused to provide any information.

ReiOps includes a built in script for seller screenings as this is by far the most common script you may need. However, you can create your own custom scripts and apply them to any type of task.