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People Management

Contacts Keep track of all people you do business with, like investors, brokers, attorneys, etc.. checked checked checked checked checked
Buyers and Sellers Keep track of your buyer’s and seller’s lists checked checked checked checked

Promissory Notes

Note Buying Enables you to easily analyze and perform the required due diligence on notes you are considering for purchase. ReiOps will perform a complete analysis allowing you to establish the appropriate purchase value based on your criteria. Allows you to analyze performing and non-performing notes, senior and junior notes and partials. checked checked checked
Note Owning Enables you to keep track of your owning notes. checked checked checked
Note Calculator A powerful Note Calculator that allows you to simulate a wide range of scenarios, like partial buying or selling, combined buy and sell, and much more. A must for every note investor. checked checked checked

Real Estate Properties

Properties Keep track of the properties you are currently considering to purchase. Work on due diligence, evaluate ARV, and much more. Keep track of the properties you already own. Manage related activities like rehab execution, marketing, etc. checked checked checked checked
Comparables Multiple facilities to help you in determining the ARV – After Repair Value based on recently sold and listed properties of similar characteristics. checked checked checked checked
Parcel Utilities Includes several utilities to help you collect public data related to properties in general, like assessed values, taxes, recorded characteristics like square footage, lot size, etc. checked checked checked checked checked

Deal Structuring

Deal Analysis Simulate multiple deal structures to help you find the one that maximizes your profits while satisfying the needs of the seller. checked checked checked checked
Cash Flow Calculates the cash flows resulting from the different deal structures allowing you to make an informed decision when choosing the final deal to present to the seller. checked checked checked checked
Financial measurements Calculates several financial indicators like CAP rates, Cash on Cash returns, Internal Return Rates (IRR) and others. checked checked checked checked

Commercial and Multi-Family Properties

Operations Easily enter your rent roll and monthly expenses and calculate your Net Operational Income (NOI) taking into account vacancies and concessions . Easily evaluate cash flows and financial indicators like CAP rates, Cash on Cash Returns, and much more. Perform a yearly resale analysis to know when it's the right time to sell the property. checked checked
Partnership A very powerful module allowing you to simulate different combinations of partners with specific rules for each partner like minimum returns, accumulation rules, syndication fees, etc. Calculate cash flow and financial indicators for the partnership as a whole as well as for each individual partner. checked checked


Script Automation Allows you to automate a large variety of scripts. The most common ones are seller screening scripts but with ReiOps you can easily automate many other scripts. Increase the efficiency and quality of work performed by your assistants with script automations. checked checked checked checked checked

Task Management

Tasks A powerful task management system allowing you to streamline your business. Keep track of all activities currently under execution by you and your partners or assistants. This module will help you to delegate without losing control. checked checked checked checked checked
Time Sheet Enables efficient labor logging by your workers or assistants. Keep track of time spent on each assigned task. Keep track of payments made. checked checked checked checked checked

Integration and Accessibility

Integration All ReiOps modules are totally integrated. For example, if you choose to purchase the Notes Package, you will be able to use all facilities related to Properties to evaluate the value of the property guaranteeing the note. The Task Management module allows you to track activities related to anything you do in the system, be it related to sellers, buyers, properties or notes. The Scripting module allows you to automate tasks related to buyers, sellers, properties and notes. checked checked checked checked checked
Accessibility All data is accessible through the internet which allows your team to be located anyplace in the planet where you have internet connectivity. Your data is kept in a state of the art data center used by many of the 500 Fortune companies. checked checked checked checked checked

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