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System Integration, Accessibility and Automation

One of the strong aspects of ReiOps is the integration between all features. This by itself will significantly reduce the overall time spent in running your business. ReiOps will allow you to devote more time to higher level activities

You certainly heard this before: "Work ON your business, not IN your business".

ReiOps will leave you with more time to work on your business by reducing the time you need to work in your business.

Here is just a simplified example of what ReiOps integration can provide to you. Let's look at a simple life cycle of a real estate transaction:

  • You find a buyer
  • You need to screen the buyer to find out his motives, his needs, etc. so you can make him an offer that solves his problems
  • You need to find out the fair market value of the property
  • You need to think on the different deal structures that you could purchase this property
  • You need to submit the offer
  • You need to re-evaluate the deal structures if the seller comes up with a counter offer
  • You finally close the deal
  • Now you are the proud owner of a property; what to do now?
  • Now you need to sell or rent it.
  • Now you start looking for buyers or tenants
  • Once you find them, again you need to work on a deal structure to sell it
  • and so on...

Can you do it all without ReiOps? Absolutely. The problem is how much time are you going to spend executing all these tasks. Even if you end up using assistants to do part of these tasks, without a system in place many things can go wrong, deadlines will be missed, and a lot of stress will end up reducing the quality of your life.

Here is where integration, automation and accessibility come into place. You can automate most of the tasks, you can delegate with confidence because you won't lose control, and most importantly, you will reduce the time spent to complete the tasks increasing your returns.

So let's look at the steps above again.

Seller screening - it's automated by ReiOps; you can delegate it to an assistant. She will perform the screening exactly as you would do it, with confidence, because the system will guide her during the whole phone conversation. ReiOps can even decide for you if it's worth to keep working with a seller or simply discard him.

Fair market value analysis - all done in ReiOps

Deal Structuring - analyze multiple deal structures in minutes; get detailed cash flow analysis, multiple financial measurements, etc. You just need to compare them and chose the one that fits best.

Evaluate a counter offer - done in minutes (probably seconds...)

Now you own the property...just search your buyers list and find potential buyers.

Finally, let's address the accessibility topic. As ReiOps is a web based application, your data is stored in state of the art data centers, the same data centers used by some of the largest corporations in the world. You can access your data from any place in the planet where you have an internet connection.

What does this mean? Here is what it means:

Your team can be distributed in many locations. Your assistants don't need to be in the same office as you and they don't need to be in the regions where you buy properties. You can hire the best assistants wherever they are. And you still can interact with them and control the work they do as if they were in the same office as you.

You are not trapped in your office anymore. Wherever you are, you continue to have full control of your business. You could be sitting on the beach in Hawaii and still be able to control your business, take the main decisions, assign tasks, etc.

In summary, ReiOps will allow you to streamline your business, reduce the time consumed in most of the tasks and most importantly, enable you to delegate with more confidence and control.