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Task Management

Task Management is the heart of your business. It won't calculate cash flows or return on investments but it can save you thousands of dollars by streamlining your business and automating most of the tasks. This module allows you to maintain control over your assistants and helps you monitor whether the tasks assigned to them are executed on time. Task Management will also establish discipline in your work.

ReiOps task management is integrated with almost all other modules of the system. Basically whatever you need to do during a real estate transaction is a task. Let's take the following as an example:

You just found a seller. What do you need to do:

  • Screen the seller
  • Decide if it's worth to keep working with this seller or discard it
  • If moving forward. start collecting property data, like assessed values, required repairs
  • Evaluate fair market value; perform a comparables analysis
  • Simulate some deal structuring analysis to define what and how you are going to put your offer together
  • Present the offer

Each step above is a task; some of them you may prefer doing yourself while others you may delegate to assistants.

ReiOps will allow you to track the full flow of execution, like who was assigned a given task, was it performed as scheduled, how long did it take to complete it, etc.

In addition, to track tasks that are happening on your day by day, it will also help you take control of your follow ups. For example, you just talked with a seller and the seller isn't convinced yet in moving forward. You would like to make a follow up in 30 days from now. Just schedule a follow up task in ReiOps, and you won't miss it.

At the same time as it keeps track of your business dynamics and the flow of execution, it's also tracking the time spent on each task and entering automatic time logs into the time sheets module. So at the end of the week or at the end of the month you know exactly how many hours you need to pay your assistants if you pay them by the hour. If you pay fixed salaries you would know exactly how many hours were actually worked.